Vitamin Schtick

Really, how could you not love a balm named Vitamin Schtick?  It’s made by Glaceau, the people who make vitamin water, and comes in many of the same flavors.  I’ve tried the grape, lemonade and dragonfruit.  All are excellent.  I assume the other varieties are just as good.  They smell wonderful.  The grape is on my desk currently, and it smells just like a grape lollipop.  Yum!  No taste to the balm, unfortunately.  I don’t know why balm manufacturers can’t throw a little flavor in with all the yummy scents.

Aside from the funny name, vitamin schtick is spf 20 and has vitamin E (do the different flavors have different vitamins?  I have no idea!).  It goes on so smooth, and has really long lasting moisture.  It does have a tiny gloss effect when on, but nothing outrageous.

Vitamin Schtick is strangely absent from the Glaceau website, and googling didn’t result in much beyond message boards.  I found mine at Harris Teeter, but rumor has it it can also be found at Walgreens and Rite Aid.  I believe the retail is about $3 for a single tube, but it also comes in multipacks and giant tubes, though I’m not sure why you’d need a giant lip balm tube.



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17 responses to “Vitamin Schtick

  1. Tammi

    It’s funny you just so happened to post this 2 days ago, and I’m so glad you did. I got a tube of the Vitamin Schtick 2 summers ago now and having been using it very sparingly on my son’s lips. He has it in his pocket at school right now. Sadly a good bit of it is crumbled up and stuck up in the cap, but it still works great – which is why I decided to google it as soon as I got to work this morning! It’s actually the only balm I’ve found that keeps his lips moist almost all day long. I’ll be checking Walgreens and Rite-Aid very soon, with my fingers crossed!! Thanks for the info.

    • emschwar

      I hope you find it Tammi! I did see a few on ebay if Walgreens and Rite Aid fail, though I don’t remember what the prices were.

  2. Danielle!


  3. Lisa

    I got mine at Target

  4. Kim

    I got a few of them at Justice.

  5. ashwey

    i got three of them from walgreens i ❤ this stuff im looking for the packs though. mine are all flavored and i dont slop it on lol.

  6. nana

    Luv the name and the water but what flavors of schtick are there?? anybody??

  7. janhaviii

    okay so i bought the dragon fruit one, because i looove the taste of vitamin water. but everytime after i use it i get this wierd taste of soap almost in my mouth. its fine on your lips – just horrid on the tounge.

  8. Mandi

    omg! i cant find the vitamin schticks anywhere! i lost my other one and i NEED another!!!

  9. Anniggggg

    I absolutely LOVE these! They’re kind of sticky when you put them on, but they’re still pretty awesome! I got the giant tubes off of Urban Outfitters and they just came in the mail today 🙂 I got them in Dragon Fruit and Kiwi-Strawbery and they’re both great!

    However, if you are one for licking the chapstick off your lips, you may get a weird flavor in your mouth– kind of like sunscreen, because of the SPF 20 in the Schtick. Just a warning!

  10. Kimmie

    I’ve been looking for these everywhere, I live in Canada. Does anyone know where to get them in canada?

  11. mikaylee

    where can you get them in australia?

  12. Chelsy

    Wow I found mine at a Dollar Tree for just a Dollar!!! Now I can not find it anymore. Wish I would have stocked up!!!!!!!!

  13. Jennifer

    i got the giant tube at the 99 cent store!! Love it!!

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