The Best for the Super Chapped

Currently, my entire family is under the weather.  The stomach bug has hit here, and hit hard.  The 2 year old got it friday night, and recovered rapidly.  We thought we were in the clear until 11 last night when the 5 year old got walloped with it.  They’re left with 2 fairly ineffective parents, struggling through various symptoms of the same bug.  I may never finish with all the laundry that accompanies a stomach bug.

Really, that’s neither here nor there, but it reminded me of what I reach for when my lips are badly chapped.  Now, given the obsession I have with lip balm, that doesn’t happen much.  But in the middle of winter, or, strangely, sometimes when spring starts, or with a bad cold, sometimes I’ll just get some really painful lips that nothing seems to help.  (My 5 year old is horrible with this.  And he hasn’t yet learned that licking your lips only makes it worse.)  I read about this one on a message board, and I was very skeptical at first.  But wow, it works.  And works so well that it was the only lip balm I used (shocking, I know) for several months.  It’s easy to find, fairly cheap and works wonders.

It’s Aquaphor.  My favorite packaging is the on-the-go 2 pack, which can be found almost everywhere (I get it at Target):

I’ve yet to find a set of chapped lips it won’t heal.  The only down side is the application – you’ve got to use your fingers.  It’s less than ideal when you’re out and about with who knows what germs on every surface you touch.  Great as a before bed balm though – it will leave you with super soft lips.  No flavor, and nothing fancy, but it’ll get the job done well.  You can find it just about anywhere, but there is a product locator on the website if you’re having trouble finding it.  The 2 pack retails for about $6, I believe, though it’s been a while since I’ve bought one, so I could be remembering wrong.


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