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Every fall, we go to the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  Loads of fun for the whole family, and more food on a stick than you’d ever imagine.  (Who knew you could put mac and cheese on a stick?)  But while we’re there, I always have to make a trip over to the booth of The Bee Folks.  We all sample tons of kinds of honey, yum, but I also have to pick up their lip balm (shocking, I know)!  I’m sure at some point I’ve tried all the flavors, but I keep coming back to their Black Cherry.  It’s like a can of Dr Brown’s soda in a balm.  Love it!  Goes on smooth, smells great.  No taste, but it’s still worth it.

Unfortunately, if you don’t live near Maryland, it’s going to be hard for you to get this balm.  They do sell it on their website though, so you can pick it up, and some of their fabulous honey (my kids’ favorite is the butterbean) while you’re at it.  The lip balms are $4 each.


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