Well crap.

Yesterday’s mail brought with it lip balm.  Balm mail is by far the best.  In it was perhaps the funniest lip balm name I’ve seen – Chicken Poop Lip Junk.  All natural, and don’t worry, it contains no poop. It’s free range too!  It’s a good balm – smooth, moisturizing.  Lacking in the flavor department.  Herby smell, which is nice now and again, but not always my preferred scent.  Still, it leaves lips feeling very smooth.  And really, it’s worth carrying one around just for the look on people’s face when they see you using something called chicken poop!  I’m a little tempted to get their vintage display box, which dispenses the tubes, you guessed it, out the chicken’s rear:

Chicken Poop lip junk retails for $4 per tube (the dispenser box is also $4).  You can find a list of retailers on the website.  So there you go – put some poop on your lips.


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  1. Hey, I got some of this stuff at BlogHer last year and yeah, it’s pretty good! I’ll be sure to pass along any good lip balm stuff I might get this year.

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