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A few things of note

First, EOS has a new lip balm sphere flavor.   The new flavor is Lemon Drop, and it’s excellent!  It even tastes good!  Well worth hunting down.

Also, after the big Crazy Rumors sale, I am well stocked in lip balm.  I tried a fat ton of new flavors (really, you don’t want to know how much lip balm I ordered), and they were all great, but one is just head and shoulders above the rest.  The Root Beer flavor is AMAZING.  It smells (and tastes) just like really good, old fashioned root beer.  YUM!


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Sorry, no.

Just in case you wanted to try to get a leg up on your exams, sorry, lip balm’s not going to help you get a perfect score.  But you will have nice soft lips while you take the test.

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