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A few things of note

First, EOS has a new lip balm sphere flavor.   The new flavor is Lemon Drop, and it’s excellent!  It even tastes good!  Well worth hunting down.

Also, after the big Crazy Rumors sale, I am well stocked in lip balm.  I tried a fat ton of new flavors (really, you don’t want to know how much lip balm I ordered), and they were all great, but one is just head and shoulders above the rest.  The Root Beer flavor is AMAZING.  It smells (and tastes) just like really good, old fashioned root beer.  YUM!


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Keeping the peace

I may just have a new favorite balm.  I got this on a whim, and I’m certainly not regretting it.  It’s Peacekeeper’s Eco-Sensual Balm, and it’s fabulous.  Goes on very smooth.  Delicious mild mint scent (no flavor, but I’m managing).  100% vegan, 73% organic.  And 100% good!  Plus, the profits fund human rights issues.  Now I really want to try their “perfect as is” balm too!

Retails for $3.89.  Store locator on their site!

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Well crap.

Yesterday’s mail brought with it lip balm.  Balm mail is by far the best.  In it was perhaps the funniest lip balm name I’ve seen – Chicken Poop Lip Junk.  All natural, and don’t worry, it contains no poop. It’s free range too!  It’s a good balm – smooth, moisturizing.  Lacking in the flavor department.  Herby smell, which is nice now and again, but not always my preferred scent.  Still, it leaves lips feeling very smooth.  And really, it’s worth carrying one around just for the look on people’s face when they see you using something called chicken poop!  I’m a little tempted to get their vintage display box, which dispenses the tubes, you guessed it, out the chicken’s rear:

Chicken Poop lip junk retails for $4 per tube (the dispenser box is also $4).  You can find a list of retailers on the website.  So there you go – put some poop on your lips.

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Balm with a cause, and a contest!

Thanks to the folks at Sweet Beginnings in Chicago, I had to opportunity to try their fabulous beeline lip balm.

First, this balm is excellent.  It has a rich cocoa butter scent, and goes on so smooth.  Truly, even the first use is super smooth.  You know how you have to “break in” a tube of some lip balms before they really apply easily?  Not with this.  Immediately smooth and truly impressive.  And the moisture lasts a long time.  Really, really a first class balm.

But, if that wasn’t enough, this balm does more!  Sweet Beginnings, which is owned by the North Lawndale Employment Network, hires formerly incarcerated men and women and others with significant barriers to employment.  Not only is it a green industry, but the employees learn valuable skills that help them move on to other jobs in manufacturing, food service and customer service, just to name a few.  And the recidivism rate of former Sweet Beginnings employees is 4% – truly impressive compared to the national average of 65% and the Illinois average of 55%.

Sweet Beginnings doesn’t just make lip balm.  They also sell all natural urban honey, and a full line of skin care products – body cream, lotion, shower gel, and more.  I’ve only tried the lip balm, but if the other products are as good as it is, then you can’t go wrong with them.  You can purchase all of their products on their website.  Moisturize your lips, and do good at the same time!

Even better, I have a tube of beeline lip balm for one lucky Balm Diggity reader to try as well!  First, head over and read the contest rules and then leave a comment on this post by May 25th at 8 pm Eastern.  Winner will be determined by random number generation.


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Carroty Goodness

Man, seems like carrots are in everything these days.  Really, I’m not a fan of carrots, at least not cooked.  I can’t stand cooked carrots.  But carrot lip balm on the other hand… that’s a carrot I can get behind!  I just got a tin of Nature’s Gate Organics Carrot Smoothie lip balm.  Now, try as I might, I can’t find it on their website, which leads me to believe it might be discontinued.  Which is a real shame, because it’s a good balm!  Goes on smooth, great scent and flavor (totally not what you’d expect from “carrot smoothie” but it’s really good!).  It comes in one of those lip balm tins that you slide the top off.  Reminds me of lip balm from my childhood – those tins were always so fun to slide open and closed, with the satisfying click when you close it. 🙂  As an adult, it’s not my favorite method of lip balm storage – I much prefer a tube, especially for my purse – finger applied lip balm is not the best when you’re running around and can’t always wash your hands when you need a little ‘balm.  Still, it’s a good at-home balm.

I found it at my local natural foods store, for $3.99.  Hopefully you’ll be able to find it somewhere too!  If you find it, let me know!

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Buzz Buzz!

Every fall, we go to the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  Loads of fun for the whole family, and more food on a stick than you’d ever imagine.  (Who knew you could put mac and cheese on a stick?)  But while we’re there, I always have to make a trip over to the booth of The Bee Folks.  We all sample tons of kinds of honey, yum, but I also have to pick up their lip balm (shocking, I know)!  I’m sure at some point I’ve tried all the flavors, but I keep coming back to their Black Cherry.  It’s like a can of Dr Brown’s soda in a balm.  Love it!  Goes on smooth, smells great.  No taste, but it’s still worth it.

Unfortunately, if you don’t live near Maryland, it’s going to be hard for you to get this balm.  They do sell it on their website though, so you can pick it up, and some of their fabulous honey (my kids’ favorite is the butterbean) while you’re at it.  The lip balms are $4 each.

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It’s Just Crazy

I was wandering through one of our local natural food stores today when I happened upon Crazy Rumors lip balm.  Yeah, like I’m going to walk past that without looking!  I was amazed by the variety of flavors!  Our store had 16 different flavors, and it was a hard choice.  I ended up getting the Fresh Squeezed Limeade.  And I’m so glad I did!

First, the smell is fantastic!  So fresh, almost smells like cutting into a lime.  Or a margarita!  I could walk around smelling it all day.  It’s got just a hint of taste, which you know I love.  Goes on smooth, and the texture is great.  Very long lasting moisture, too.  This balm is definitely a winner.  In addition, it’s also cruelty free and vegan.  And all natural!

Take a minute and head to the Crazy Rumors website.  Check out the flavors!  There are several I’m going to have to try next time.  I think the Brew Apple Spice and A La Mode Mint Chocolate are tops on my list, but it’s so hard to narrow it down!  Whatever your preferences, you can be sure there’s a flavor that’ll suit you.

The balms retail for $4 each.  The store locator page of their site doesn’t list the retailers yet, but it does say they’re working on it.  And you can email them to find one near you.  But check out your local health/natural foods store and see if they’ve got it there.  Well worth a trip!

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